ConnectPals started in May 2016 as a group of online friends in WhatsApp chatting app with 16 members from 16 different countries sharing their cultural backgrounds and languages.

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A couple of screenshots from our WhatsApp group

Check out one of our blogs here featuring the audios of those members of our WhatsApp International group. This is the blog where we all sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in our native language.

Spearheaded by Eugene Litovski from Russia and Daniel Forteza from the Philippines, the ConnectPals’ social network was officially released in August 2019. From the name itself, ConnectPals aims to connect people from different parts of the world.

Creator of ConnectPals

At ConnectPals, you can learn languages, share your cultural backgrounds, and find penpals all over the world. So get yourselves ready to be connected with people and make friends all around the globe!

We are so happy creating and sharing this website with you as it is one of our dreams to connect people whatever their cultural and racial backgrounds!

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