How To Use ConnectPals (Beginner’s Guide)

How To Use ConnectPals

Here are the things you need to know in utilizing ConnectPals at its best!


  • Go to this registration link to register. You need to input the following:
    • username (required) – it is recommended to use your nickname; don’t use your email add here.
    • email address (required)
    • name (required) – add your first name.
    • gender (required) – just select from the choices
    • age (required) – you will need to input your birthdate but don’t worry, your birthdate will not be shown on your profile – only your age.
    • continent (required) – just select from the choices
    • the country you live in (required) – just select from the choices
    • native language (required) – just select from the choices
    • other languages you speak fluently (required) – just select from the choices
    • languages you’re learning (required) – just select from the choices
    • looking for (required) – just select from the choices
  • Then you’ll receive an email requiring you to activate your account. Just go to your email and activate it!
  • You can now log in.

IMPORTANT: When you log in for the very first time, a warning will show up requiring you to upload your profile photo. So just simply upload your photo by scrolling a bit down and you’ll find the photo uploader. If you ignore this warning, your user interface at ConnectPals will be limited. 

  • Add your profile photo.


  • Go to your profile and review the information you provided during registration. Edit ‘Profile Info’ and ‘More About Me’ as necessary by clicking “edit”. Then click “save changes” when you’re satisfied.
more about me in connectpals profile
ConnectPals profile (more about me tab sample)

‘More About Me’ tab consists of 8 new fields for your profile:

      • About Myself – just tell us a short introduction of yourself
      • Your interests
      • Your favorite music or movies
      • One amazing thing you’ve done!
      • Your Skype ID (optional) – for language exchange purposes, e.g. voice calls)
      • Your Postal Address (optional) – for post pen pal purposes, you can change its visibility to be seen by only you or your friends.
      • Your City or Town
      • Your own photo (optional) – you just need to upload a photo of yourself. Although most language-seeking partners prefer to see their potential partners photo (so they know their talking to a real person,) still…this is totally optional.
  • Add also your cover image so your profile looks good! Under profile tab, click “change cover image” to proceed uploading your cover image.
  • Next, check out the groups under the “Group” menu and join any group you like.

You can also create your own group and invite people to join in.


  • Just go to the ‘members search’ located on the right sidebar of this website. Then you can simply filter the members by their native language. You can also further filter it by age, gender, and country.
  • Once the search has given you the resulting list of filtered members, you can privately message those members to start the conversation.
  • You also use this page where there are two available search toolbars: Find Language Exchange Partner and Find Foreign Pen Pals


  • Sure! See below.


Top Menu ConnectPals Language Exchange Pen Pals

1. Under HOME – you can access the homepage of ConnectPals.

2. Under PROFILE – you can view your profile here as well as the rest of your personal toolbar tabs. Refer to your toolbar tabs below.

3. Under MEMBERS – you can view the list of members of ConnectPals showing their basic information such as gender, native language, country, and continent. You can search for members, add them as friends, block members, or simply go to member’s profile. You can also order members alphabetically, by date of registration, or by the latest active members.

4. Under ACTIVITY – you can view the happenings and latest posts of each member all across ConnectPals.

5. Under GROUPS – you can view the list of groups available at ConnectPals. You can also create and manage your own groups here.

6. Under BLOG – you can access and read our blog articles at ConnectPals.

7. Under COURSES – you can access thirteen (13) of our best language courses in 2020. These courses are powered by Rocket Language Courses.


Member's Toolbar Tabs | How to use ConnectPals

1. Under your PROFILE – you can view or edit your profile information (gender, country, languages, etc) as well as your profile/cover photos.

2. Under your NOTIFICATIONS – you’ll be notified any activity (such as friends request, comments, favorites) related or tagged to you. You can also access here your ‘read’ and ‘unread’ notifications.

3. Under your MESSAGES – you can access your inbox and send private messages here.

4. Under your ACTIVITY – you can share your posts, view your activity such as posts, accepted friends, comments or favorites. This is basically your “wall of activities” and this can also be viewed by your friends and logged in users depending on your privacy settings.

5. Under your SETTINGS – you can change your email, your password as well as your privacy and email notification settings. You can also view the list of blocked members if you have any.

6. Under FRIENDS – you’ll see the list of your friends here.

7. Under GROUPS – you can view the groups you’re currently a member of.

8. Under MEDIA – you can add your photos here.


ConnectPals upper toolbar

1. ADD FRIEND – you can add  member as a friend or cancel friendship if he or she is already your friend.

2. BLOCK – you can block a member if you wish.

3. REPORT – you can report a member with inappropriate behavior. This report goes directly to admin ConnectPals for action.

4. PUBLIC MESSAGE – you can mention a member by a public message and will appear into your “wall of activities” which can be seen by your friends or logged in users depending on your privacy setting.

5. PRIVATE MESSAGE – you can start sending a private message here. The messages will be kept in your message inbox.


1. LAST VISITORS OF YOUR PROFILE – you can easily view the members who recently viewed your profile. So “BE NICE” to your visitors! =)

2. MEMBERS SEARCH BAR – you can easily filter and search for members based on their native language, country, gender, continent, or the language they’re learning.

Search Tab on ConnectPals

3. RECENTLY ACTIVE MEMBERS – you can view thirty (30) recently active members with their profile photo thumbnails. Each profile photo is clickable and is linked to member’s profile.

4. WHO’S ONLINE – you can view members who are currently online with their profile photo thumbnails. Each profile photo is clickable and is linked to member’s profile.


  • Go to your profile and click SETTING, then go to GENERAL-> then fill up the CHANGE NEW PASSWORD and REPEAT PASSWORD fields.


In case you decide to discontinue using ConnectPals and decide to delete your own account permanently, here is how to do it:

  • On your logged-in account, go to your PROFILE TOOLBAR TAB, and click SETTINGS.
  • Then click DELETE ACCOUNT.
  • Check the checkbox that says ‘I understand the consequences.’
  • Finally, click the DELETE ACCOUNT button. And you’re done.
Delete account on ConnectPals


Question – Is the social community of ConnectPals accessible by logged out users?

Answer – No, it is not accessible. In order to access the members area, groups, profiles, etc – people need to log in first

Question – Can I set my profile and activity to be viewed only by my friends and not all logged in users?

Answer – Yes, you can. Just go to SETTINGS >> PRIVACY SETTINGS and choose ONLY FRIENDS.

Privacy Setting at ConnectPals

Question – How do I find someone who speaks the language I am learning?

Answer – Just simply look for the search sidebar that says “search by native language”. Choose the language you’re learning, click search and it will filter members who speak that language. Then you can privately message those members!

Question – How do I get myself verified? (that blue check icon ☑ on member’s username.)

Answer – You’ll get verified when you reached 5 new members to sign up using your referral link. Your own referral link is located on your profile section.

Referral Signups in ConnectPals

Once you hit that mark, please contact @connectpals so connectpals admin can set the blue check icon ☑ for you.

…or if you buy coffee, you will automatically be a verified member! Please give it a 24-hour (or less) turnaround before it appears on your username. Consider it a ‘thank you’ gesture for supporting me. =)


Feel free to leave a reply on the comment section below. And we’ll add them in FAQs section above.

UPDATE: Comments are disabled at this moment but do contact @connectpals if you have something to say. =)

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  1. Peng

    Thank you, that’s very helpful. 😉

  2. Ashmire

    It seemed like the other day, I was able to click on profiles and see both the person’s native language and languages they are learning. Now that is apparently no longer possible, and the only way to see the person’s native language is to browse the entire member list until you find them. That doesn’t seem very efficient, is it really supposed to be like that, or am I doing something wrong?

    1. ConnectPals

      Hi @ashmire, when you click someone’s profile you’ll be directed to their profile’s activity. In order for you to get to their profile info (with their native language, the language they’re learning, etc), you need to click the next tab right beside activity, see snapshot:
      If you can’t view this, then the member’s profile you’re looking at might be set to be viewed by “only friends”.

      Also, have you tried the search tool on the sidebar? You can easily find someone there by native language filter, etc. see snapshot:

      I still yet to add the “language I am learning” filter.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Cristóbal Veas

    Good job! the effort to have this kind of page to share cultures with another countries is awesome

  4. Zoey

    It says we can add more than one language that we’re learning, but when I tried it would only add one. How do I add more than one language?

    1. ConnectPals

      Hi Zoey, you should be able to add more than one language you’re learning.

      If you are still having hard time, just send @connectpals a private message and with your permission we can access your profile info to edit them.

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