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Welcome to the ConnectPals Language Exchange online. Here you can find a language partner to practice any language that you’re learning. Just fill out the form below and our system will show you members who speak the language you are looking for.

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Are you looking for international pen pal friends?

At ConnectPals, you can share your cultural backgrounds, and find penpals all over the world. So get yourselves ready to be connected with people and make friends all around the globe! Just fill in the form below and our system will show you members from any country you are seeking.

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Why learn and exchange language online?

Learning a new language can be difficult at first. Getting the hang of something new often requires some growing pains.

Luckily, in today’s digital age, there are more resources available at our fingertips. There is a wealth of material online that can easily link you up with credible teaching sites and native language speakers.

Finding language partners with an online site such as ConnectPals can give you access to learning without having to shell out cash.

That’s right! Our site, ConnectPals, is FREE for all your language exchange online needs!

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Why find International Pen Pals?

Pen pals, also know as pen friends, are a great way to learn about another language or culture.

You obviously already know that there are countless social media sites and platforms out there that connect us with people from all around the world.

We can speak to anyone we want, anywhere we want, at pretty much any time we want.

Because of this, the foreign language penpal community is booming.

New pen pal friendships across the globe are forged daily, due to the high demand for language exchange online. For language learners, this is nothing less than amazing.

And admit it. Sometimes we feel lonely in our own cities so making friends abroad and chatting with them makes us feel so much better.

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What is the best pen pal language exchange website out there?

There is a lot of free language exchange program available in the web today that is a great way to learn a new language.

You get a chance to teach someone else a language you understand while they help you with the language you want to learn. At the same time, you are actually making international pen pals already.

Whether you are looking for a pen friend or language exchange partner, ConnectPals is the best website for you!

ConnectPals has become by far the largest and most advanced free pen pal and language site on the web in 2020, alongside InterPals and PenPal World on 2020’s Top 3 PenPal Language Exchange Online site.

At ConnectPals, users are also open to exchanging contacts via SKYPE, WHATSAPP, LINE, KAKAOTALK, and WECHAT, whichever is preferred by the partners.

Besides that, it also has become the go-to site for finding friends at any travel location. But still, the site’s original mission remains the same: to help people meet friends from different parts of the world, all for FREE!

find language partners online free skype, whatsapp, kakaotalk or line

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